Group Sessions

Group Sessions

“The synergistic experience of being part of a peer learning process is at the heart of the group coaching experience, which is grounded in the individual goals of each participant and, where applicable, the collective goals of the group.” – Jennifer Britton MES, CPCC, PCC

People often take the thoughts they think as the “right” ideas, and press for their choices. Usually, we believe in our own views and want them to prevail.

A group coaching session (no more than 15 people) could be an opportunity to explore beyond individual points of view and desired outcomes. As dialogue proceeds, the coach continually operates as a mediator and holds a ‘larger point of view’ to move the group closer to their richest values and possibilities.

Suddenly, with various people, ideas begin to flow and people’s perspectives shifted. By holding the space for each member of the group, we are encouraging movements in multiple directions. As we hold aims of ‘whole outcome thinking‘, more and more vision choices can be joined together and explored. New ideas tend to show up everywhere and each contribution might hold the solution to the challenge.

In a group coaching setting, individuals will be working on their own set of goals, and there may also be a shared series of goals. 

Many clients find the process of the group coaching to be “less on the spot”, giving them more time to reflect and offering an affordable way to first experience coaching. 

Group coaching is both, a virtual and in-person modality. Many coaches and clients enjoy the connections formed virtually with other participants, who may be several time zones and countries away. 

“If I can look out through your perception and explore your evaluations your way, and you can look out through mine, then we will each see something that we might not have seen alone”

 The group coaching conversation can feel “wide and broad” rather than the deep, deep dive of an individual coaching conversation.

Example #1: A group coaching program for parents exploring parenting issues – ongoing in-person or on-line weekly sessions over several months.

Example #2: Group coaching for a group of professionals interested in growing their leadership skills, with conversations occurring monthly over a year.

Example #3: A year twice a month program offered virtually (zoom or WebEx) for individuals interested in self-discovery and/or overall more life satisfaction, with a mix of small group and individual coaching calls.

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