How to Start

“Little by little, a little becomes a lot” – Tibetan proverb

How It Works

1. Schedule an Introductory Meeting

The introductory meeting is a 30 min consultation, free of charge. The purpose is to get a clear understanding of your situation and desired outcome and to determine the number of sessions you’ll need. 

Make sure you won’t be disturbed and in a comfortable place to talk (over your phone or a computer), good audio connection is must, the video isn’t necessary. 

2. Choose a Coaching Plan and Sign an Agreement

After the Introductory session, you’ll decide what coaching plan works best for you. We will determine the schedule and sign a Coaching Agreement.

Two Weeks or One Month Package

Two or one session per week, 4 sessions, 60 min per session

In-person or Online via Zoom


1 or 2 Month Package

Two or one session per week, 60 min per session, 8 sessions total. 

In-person or Online via Zoom


1.5 or 3 Month Package

Two or one session per week, 60 min per session, 12 sessions total. 

In-person or Online via Zoom


3.5 or 6 Month Package

Two or one session per week, 60 min per session, 20 sessions total with one month break.

In-person or Online via Zoom


3. Set Yourself Up For Success

To get the most out of your coaching session, take some time to prepare.

Set yourself up for success by following these steps to make the most of your time:

  • 1. Get set. Before the session, take a minute to assess your needs….like, do you need to go to the bathroom, does the dog need to go out, do you need to stick a note on the front door for the postman to leave the package on the doorstep, check your internet connection, enter virtual meeting room a few minutes early… The more you can do to create a space for you to work uninterrupted, the more in the flow and in the moment you can be during your session. This is deep work that cannot fully happen when you have distractions around you.
  • 2. Get coach-able. Make yourself comfortable. You have booked this time to work on the most important thing in your life, YOU. Allow it to be “you time”, let yourself feel supported and comfortable in your own space.
  • 3. Allow notes to happen. It would be useful to have a notebook or a binder with loose paper, so you could take notes as the session unfolds. Coaching sessions go by quickly, and a lot of information comes up. This will become your resource for the time in-between sessions. Consider putting down some notes about things that are important to you.
  • 4. Keep an open mind and trust the process. There is no universal way to get “there”. Allow me to take you to places that you have not considered before. Open yourself up to the possibility that your perspective can be shifted.

By making the decision to work with me, you have made a decision to become more of who you really want to beA coach can catapult you to success, but you need to be prepared to be open and to do the work. Following these steps allows you to prepare and serves as a reminder of your commitment.

Still Have Questions?