Lilia Shifrin, MSSW, PCC

Solution-Focused Life Coach

Life Coaching Services

Workshops, Seminars & Individual Coaching Consultation

Get information, expand your awareness and learn how to use a coaching approach to become a better partner, parent or communicator in general. Become your own coach and improve your personal and professional life.

One-on-one Coaching

Enable your own process of discovery while being understood, respected, fully supported and gently challenged to get your best possible outcome. You are the most important person in this relationship. Make a change to get a life YOU want.

Group Sessions

Mediating or making sense from the whole: through open questions and exploration, renew the capacity of all to learn and contribute. Move closer to the richest values and possibilities, learn new perspectives and form new and exciting ideas

Coaching For Your Life

Family and Relationship

Improve your relationship, Increase your emotional satisfaction, reconnect with your inner self to connect with others, find a soul mate, learn effective communication.

Coaching for Parents

Create a better relationship with your kids. Learn parenting techniques to have your children develop healthy self-esteem & trust as well as nurture their talents and bond with them.

Personal growth and development


Improve self-esteem and confidence, add more joy, adventure, creativity to life, realize your hidden potential and add more balance to your life.

Emotional and Physical Well-being

Get more organized, eliminate bad habits, worries, stress and anxiety, lose weight and gain energy, create healthier version of yourself!

Coaching For Your Work

Career, Work, Business


Find your calling; improve career satisfaction; get through the transition time; start or grow your own business; transform your money mindset.

Confidence and Motivation 

Stop negative self-talk & criticism and build a positive mindset; find your own true motivation and get inspired; learn your love potential; generate positive energy to fuel your life.


Learn what kind of leader you are; relearn your abilities and set your goals to improve; build your own accountability system; set your goals; get clarity and inspiration to pursue your vision. 

In-Person Coaching

Best option for clients who live in Nothern New Jersey

Virtual Coaching

Life coaching that comes to you no matter where you live! Coaching via phone, webex or Skype.

Coffee With Lilia

Every week on Thursday from 2 pm till 3 pm, I invite you to make yourself a cup of your pleasure and join me for a chat!

No-obligation and completely free

Coaching Packages

One Month

More Details

4 sessions total
1 session per week,
60 min per session.
On-line via Skype, Webex or Zoom


2 Month Package 

More Details

8 sessions total.
1 session per week,
60 min per session,
On-line via Skype, Webex or Zoom


3 Month Package

More Details

12 session total
1 session per week,
60 min per session.
On-line via Skype, Webex or Zoom


6 Month Package

More Details

20 sessions total with one month break.
1 session per week,
60 min per session, 
On-line via Skype, Webex or Zoom


Pro-Bono Coaching 

More Details

As my way to give back to the community and promote coaching as a profession, I coach pro-bono 3 hours per week. If you're unable to pay, I can offer you bullet-sized 3 weeks package, 1 session per week, 70 min per session. Contact me for more information.

On-line via Skype, Webex or Zoom

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