The short answer would be: coaching is a way to get out of stagnation, to get control of your own happiness back. And that’s it. It doesn’t matter what kind of stagnation – emotional, physical, spiritual, or all of them together. Whenever you feel trapped in any way and it’s hard to see forward, partner with a coach and get yourself out of that.

To get what, exactly? I would say, to get in a “power of creative flow” again.

Remember that feeling, that freedom, when you were a kid and whatever idea or image pop into your mind, you’d just go and do it. Just like that! Nothing could stop you (ok, almost), and everything was possible. We could build practically anything and the power of persuasion and soliciting all possible (and impossible) resources was inspiring (and sometimes even shocking) to everybody involved. Creating games from scratch, inventing captivating stories…

The power of creation was immense when we were kids. We were little humans who depended on adults in so many ways, but at the same time, we were more in touch with our inner selves and more aware of what makes us happy and how to get it. Everything was possible! Then we became older, responsibilities took over and we learn to settle on mediocre. We don’t dream anymore, we don’t have time for ourselves. We feel unhappy, but it’s not our priority anymore, so “everything is fine” is what we get. Keeping everything together is hard, we have no time to enjoy and appreciate living as we used to. And even if somewhere deep down we wish for a change, we are often afraid and don’t want to test it.

But what if I tell you that you can get more than “fine” and change can be really good, really satisfying? What if I tell you, that you can partner with me as a coach and we will rediscover what makes you giggle? What gives you a warm feeling in your chest, smells like adventure and sounds like happiness for you? And no, it won’t “crumble” your life as it is. Why would it?

I remember once someone told me, “but if I would know more about who I am and what I’m missing in my life, I would lose that little that I have now”. Ok, I hear you. We all have our little (or, not so little) gremlins that we allow to sabotage our lives. We all, one way or another, have doubts about ourselves and our capabilities. And this is exactly why coaching is so brilliant. You won’t lose, you’ll gain! Knowing more about yourself won’t change who you are, but enhanced it. It will give you a bigger picture, more spring to your step and more depth to all your existing connections.

Coaching won’t change even a bit in your life without your heartfelt involvement. Nothing is happening in coaching if you’re not ready for it. It’s your play, it’s your dance, it’s your adventure. I truly believe that you’re the best possible captain to sail your life, there is no one else like you. And your journey is totally unique, and this is why life is so beautiful with you in it.

Being a coach is not superior to any other profession. It’s like being a craftsman, or skilled builder, or navigator. Just tell me what you desire, and I’ll partner with you to get you where you want and will thank you for the opportunity to see you blossom.

“Even one step in a right direction worth hundred years of thinking about it.” -(c)