What is “life coach”? What these words even mean?

First of all, let’s talk about the word “Life” and its definition. In coaching, the word “life” refers to the “personal experience of being in the flow of time”. Coaching recognizes life as a unique experience through time that each of us creates for themselves to our satisfaction. The most satisfying balance of all desirable components in life would be a goal in “Life coaching”.

Now, after we defined “life”, let’s agree on what the word “coach” means here. The word initially came from sport and now I feel it creates a lot of confusion because of it. Let’s start from the easy one, what life coaching isn’t. Coaching isn’t about giving advice. In life coaching “coaching” doesn’t mean “pushing someone to succeed in any way possible”. Actually, it has nothing to do with pushing at all. Well, at least none, if you won’t ask me specifically for it.

Life coaching is about partnering up with a coach to get empowered and essentially get what life you desire. On your own, you know what you already know and you’re pretty good at it. But what if you want more of something in your life (or the opposite, less of something) and what you know, what you aware of, just isn’t doing it for you? Maybe you feel stuck or scared… or just want re-puzzle some life puzzle and notice what you don’t notice?

The certified life coach was specifically trained to help you to see new perspectives, find new connections, create possibilities, discover key things about your life, and most of all, learn more about yourself. In other words, Life coach was taught to empower in a most efficient way, based on recent neuroscience research about our abilities. He will stay on your side when you’re most vulnerable and support you creating your dream.

It’s very useful to hire a professional builder when you want to build a home for yourself. It’s probably equally useful to hire a professional when you deal with your own life. The consequences are comparable.